Frenchie Care and Must Have Items

French Bulldogs are very special and have unique needs. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite items to help you and your loved one live their best life.

Click here for a French Bulldog care guide PDF

PET COT (Medium): Frenchies love to sunbathe especially in the early morning Spring/Summer sun. Give them a comfortable, safe, easy to clean area to lounge with this sturdy pet cot.

DONUT BED (Medium): This is the only bed our dogs won't tear apart! We have four of them and we wash them almost daily and they are still in great condition and the dogs LOVE them!

GRAVITY FEEDER AND WATERER (1 Gallon): Your dog should always have access to fresh water and this gravity waterer helps make sure you never forget to keep your puppy hydrated. If you free feed the gravity food dispenser will make your life easy. We own these and they are great quality and function beautifully. You don't want larger than 1 gallon because the water and food need to be changed out every 2-3 days.

PET STAIRS: These stairs are easy to clean, lightweight and you can fold them and store them anywhere! These are great for your puppy to get on and off your bed and couch and even into adulthood they will use them.

COCONUT OIL: This is a must have supplement for your frenchie especially blue frenchies! We add coconut oil to our puppy mush to help with skin and hair health and we give it to our adults daily for the same reason. 

BLUE BUFFALO PUPPY FOOD: This is the food your puppy is being fed at the time you take him home. It's always best to purchase a bag and slowly transition over to a different food if you choose to change it. Your dog will be prone to loose stools due to stress his first couple months so changing their food can be hard on their stomach.

PRO PLAN ADULT FOOD: No one can explain why but French Bulldogs thrive on this particular food. If you read breeder forums we all talk about how it doesn't make sense to us but any other food our frenchies either do not like or they have stool issues from. 

DOUBLE DOOR DOG CRATE (30 Inch): We've selected this item because crate training is the most successful way to potty train your puppy and often times you need access to both the side and front of the crate which make the double doors essential. Though your puppy is small, Frenchies are a medium sized dog breed they will need this 30 inch size once they are adults.


PORTABLE DOG KENNEL (24 Inch Tall):​ When you first take your puppy home you will want to give them freedom to explore your backyard however they are small enough to get into a lot of trouble fast. With this pop-up heavy duty kennel you can easily and safely allow your puppy to explore and play but stay 100% safe while doing it. Also great for when they get older and you go on camping trips etc.


TRAINING COLLARS: Typically every dog will form one or two bad habits over their lifetime. These collars allow you to use sound as a warning, vibration as a second warning and then finally you can choose to use the shocking function however in our experience the vibration actually works best. These are nice to have so you can stop bad habits before they become permanent. 


PET SLING (Up to 10lbs):​ Your puppy is not safe from deadly viruses until they are roughly 20 weeks when they have had all their vaccinations so until then this amazing pet sling allows you to take your buddy with you safely. Your puppy will outgrow this eventually since adult frenchies are 20+ pounds but it's great for the puppy stage.


PADDED HARNESS (Medium):​ We purchased around 20 harnesses until we found this one and fell in love. It's a comfortable and very easy to get on harness you will love.


REUSABLE PUPPY PADS:​ We personally LOVE reusable puppy pads. They're great for dog crates, travel crates, even under your food and water dishes for any splashing/messes. Be kind to your dog, your wallet and mother nature all at the same time! It's a win-win.


BULLY STICKS:​ Frenchies like to chew like a big dog likes to chew and your belongings will take the brunt on this habit if you don't keep stocked up on dog chews! We recommend bully sticks along with other natural chews.


DESHEDDING BRUSH:​ Frenchies typically have smooth short coats but don't let them fool you! They shed a lot! It's best to get ahead of the game and brush them during their monthly baths to help with skin and hair health.


OATMEAL BABY SHAMPOO:​ This shampoo not only smells great but it's gentle on your frenchies skin and wont dry them out like other shampoos will.

NAIL CLIPPERS WITH LED: Clipping your puppies nails is a necessary evil but with this LED nail clipper you can actually see clearly what you're doing and your risk of injury is greatly reduced!


BABY WIPES:​ Something people don't talk about often but is a HUGE part of owning this breed is anal cleaning and health. Your French Bulldog is unable to reach his private area and because of this you will need to clean his butt for him probably daily and also under this tiny tail. If you don't do this you risk your puppy getting an infection. We recommend you use gentle scent free wipes, wipe their folds, clean their ears and their butt.  

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