How to purchase a puppy or adult

Get on our waitlist. Our waitlist is an ongoing list of interested buyers. The $300 will go towards your final purchase price. Once on the waitlist you will select your puppy at four weeks old via video meeting in the order that you appear on the waitlist. How to get on the list:

  1. Fill and sign (the deposit line) this contract and email to

  2. We will send you a “request for money” for $300 via PayPal

  3. Once we receive the $300 deposit we will store your contract for pickup day, update our website, and email confirmation!

We occasionally have buyers back out and will have puppies available for buyers not on the list. If this happens you will see a notice via Instagram and here on the website. 

Deposits are non-refundable however you can remain on the waitlist for as long as you'd like. We cannot and will not guarantee sex, color, markings etc. you can choose to pass on puppies and litters for as long as you'd like. Your name will never be removed from the list until you select a puppy but again no refund will be issued.

Sacramento Frenchies reserves the right to keep any puppies from any litters regardless of the waitlist.

Current General Waitlist:

  1. Faith D.

  2. Nicole D.

  3. Yvette V.

  4. Kathy M.

  5. Monica W.

  6. Emma S.

  7. Leif W.

Adults Waitlist:

Ezra x Nimbus Waitlist:

These puppies will all be lilac and tan and lilac and tan merles costing $5800 - $8800

  1. Sacramento Frenchies

  2. Sacramento Frenchies

  3. Sandra C.

  4. Kerry A.

Common questions you might have: 
Do you have puppies available? Please reference the waitlist and compare to the available puppies for your answer.

How much are your puppies? You can view detailed pricing here.

How do I get on the waitlist? Please see "Get on our waitlist" above for detailed instructions.

What is your health guarantee? You can view that here.

Will you have puppies in the future? You can view that here.

Want a puppy but not on the list? Our waitlist is priority and will always be the first to chose their puppy in the order that they appear on the list but that does not mean we won't have puppies. Occasionally we have a puppy that is passed up by everyone on the waitlist and is offered to the public. When this happens we will send a notice out via direct email to our paid waitlist, Instagram and also our website.

Please be patient. We promise that we post our puppies as soon as we feel comfortable. If you are on the waitlist make sure to check our website and Instagram often to see puppy photos and updates. Once the puppies are roughly 10 days old we send an email to our paid waitlist scheduling the five-week in-person meet and greet! We allow our waitlist to see and play with the puppies at a public place.