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Affordability Meets Quality


Standard Colors and Markings

(Breeding rights: +$800)

Brown/Black Brindle:

Males: $2700

Females: $3100

Standard Color Pied:

Males: $2900

Females: $3300



Males: $3100

Females: $3500


Males $3100

Females: $3500

Cream Pied:

Males: $3500

Females: $3900


Males: $3900

Females: $4300

Exotic Colors and Markings

(Breeding rights: +$1,000)


Males: $5100

Females: $5500

Lilac and Tan:

Males: $5500

Females: $5900

Blue Fawn, Blue, Blue Brindle and 
Blue Sable:
Males: $4000
Females: $4400

Blue Pied:
Males: $3900
Females: $4200

Blue and Tan:
Males: $4700
Females: $5100

Blue Trindle:
Males: $4500
Females: $4900

Fawn Sable:

Males: $3900

Females: $4200

Red Sable:

Males: $3900

Females: $4200

Chocolate Sable:

Males: $4500

Females: $4900


Males: $4900

Females: $5300

Standard Merle:

Males: $5100

Females: $5500

Blue Merle:

Males: $6100

Females: $6500

Lilac Merle:

Males: $7100

Females: $7500

Lilac and Tan Merle:

Males: $8100

Females: $8500

Black Trindle:

Males: $3900

Females: $4200

Black and Tan:

Males: $3900

Females: $4100


Sacramento Frenchies and Sphynx Kittens Breeder CANINE/FELINE DEPOSIT AND SALES CONTRACT

Deposit of $300.00 is required

Deposit is non-refundable.

HEALTH GUARANTEE: Your CANINE/FELINE is guaranteed to be in good health prior to pickup or delivery. The CANINE/FELINE will come with documentation of 1st immunizations, and worming dates. We do everything in our power to guarantee healthy puppies/kittens however our health guarantee does not cover roundworms, hookworms, coccidia, giardia or any other non-life threatening conditions or diseases. We also do not cover any condition or disease contracted after the CANINE/FELINE has left our premises. You will want to have your vet examine your CANINE/FELINE within 48 business hours of your possession. 

48 hour general health guarantee: If you suspect this CANINE/FELINE was purchased in ill health and it is deemed to be so by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 business hours of pick-up/arrival you should immediately notify Sacramento Frenchies and may return the CANINE/FELINE with a full Veterinarian report, dated within 48 business hours after possession, outlining the Vet’s findings. If your findings are valid, Sacramento Frenchies will allow the return of the CANINE/FELINE and a full return on the purchase price. Sacramento Frenchies will not be responsible for any Veterinary expenses incurred. 

One year guarantee against genetic defects: Sacramento Frenchies guarantees against the death of the CANINE/FELINE due to genetic defects for one year from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event of death of this CANINE/FELINE due to genetic abnormalities (proof is to be provided to Sacramento Frenchies in the form of a detailed autopsy report and a letter written by a licensed veterinarian stating the exact cause of death, and including the description of the CANINE/FELINE’s date of birth, name, sex, color and pattern), Sacramento Frenchies will issue a refund of full purchase price. 

SELLER & PURCHASER AGREES TO THE FOLLOWING: This CANINE/FELINE is purchased as a PET, which means although healthy, Sacramento Frenchies in no way guarantees temperament, size, weight, or aesthetic qualities. At three weeks old we will announce the color and pricing of each puppy or kitten. Please note that color and markings can change drastically over time however once the price is announced regardless of how the puppy or kitten changes, the price remains the same. We want the best for our dog or cats and new owners however, your vet should always be your first contact in any circumstance involving the health and well being of your dog or cat. This CANINE/FELINE will be an indoor pet. Brachycephalic dog or cats and hairless cats can quickly succumb to cold or heat. Under no circumstances will this puppy or kitten be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory, fight group, or similar facility. If you are unable to keep the dog or cat, circumstances, allergies, issues with other household pets, etc. Sacramento Frenchies will gladly house your puppy or kitten until we are able to find a permanent placement. Once you release your dog or cat to us the decision is permanent and there will be no refund of any sort in this case. This sale is taking place in the State of California or Texas and it is agreed this contract will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the state of California or Texas. Should any Dispute arise it will therefore be dealt with by the California or Texas Court System. 

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