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$300 to hold

$4300 at time of pickup


BORN 9/12/2022

GO HOME 11/5/2022


Apollo is one of our two blue and tan males but his brother is about double his size so we can easily see which one is which. He's a feisty and active boy so far. Very healthy. 


Eros, this puppies mother, is a beautiful blue fawn with the sweetest personality of any frenchies we've met! She has abnormally loving and kind eyes. When you look into them you can really see a soul looking back at you. We consider her the best behaved of all of our females.

Nimbus, the father of this puppy, is a bully style French Bulldog with a VERY large square head, broad shoulders, short back and no tail. He is small weighing roughly 20lbs but is all muscle. He is a very loving and loyal boy. 

Apollo - Blue and Tan - Male